Drain Pipes carry out the waste liquid and products to the main sewerage line. Toronto Plumbers Group ensures that the local and commercial buildings have well maintained sanitary system to get rid of the waste, clean water for drinking purpose and hot water during winter season. Toronto plumbers Group are highly experienced in drain repair Toronto service providing tasks; therefore, our customers rely on the presented services of the drain repair like:

Floor Drain Repair Toronto:

Drain Repair Toronto

Floor drain is useful when the house floods with water either due to water supply pipe breakage or any external source. The water does not stay on the floor for long, it flows towards the drain and seeps through it without damaging the floorboard. Floor drains are not affective in every household, as in some cases the water seeps through the drain and carries small amount of grains along with it. This causes drain blockage and as a result the water from floor drain flows back and stays, leaving damaging impacts like mold formation. Our plumbers repair the drain pipelines without digging it out, by using drain snaking method or pressure flow method.

Sewer Line Replacement Toronto:

Assessing the damage of sewer lines to determine whether it needs repairing or replacement is a difficult task to achieve without a plumber’s assistance. Our company provides the basic and necessary tools for this purpose specifically, to determine the extent of damage done to the pipelines. Pipe leak test with camera assistance and pressure flow test is conducted; and once it is confirmed that replacement is needed then the work procedure is followed within the confined surroundings to prevent property damage. Proper map is designed to dig out the damaged line and replace it with a new and robust sewer line to prevent future work.

Sewer Line Repair Toronto:

Sewer line repair is necessary when the drain pipe is cracked or have holes for leakage. It is best to determine the sewer line problem by running water through it and checking for leakage. It is normally hard to trace the sewer pipe line damaged areas, but our plumbers are proficient and perform their task by using camera inspection method. The drain pipe is repaired by using epoxy resin and sticking it at the damaged parts with the help of camera inspection technology. It covers the leaky areas and the task can be completed within a day or two. This method is guaranteed to last up to ten years approximately and is more preferred than digging the line.

Clogged Drain Toronto:

The signs of clogged drains appear when water begins to drain slowly and then all of a sudden it stops moving and becomes a pool. The minor problem needs to be taken care of with home remedies but if it still does not work then call for a professional plumber to unclog the drain pipes before it becomes a major inconvenience. Our company’s professional plumbers can easily assess the issue for clogged drains, as sometimes it may occur due to the old and corroded pipelines which could result in a major problem if not taken care of on time. This would only require replacement of the old pipes with new ones or pressure flow method which removes the debris and waste from the pipe.

Clogged Toilet Toronto:

Toilet clogging can lead to backflow of waste liquid and as a result it can cause flooding on the bathroom floor. There are some major reasons to toilet clogging like: presence of rubber, tissue, hard object, debris, and damaged pipeline. This can cause toilet clogging in normal routine days and needs quick assistance before it becomes a permanent problem. Plungers are used to plunge out the clogged material from the toilet pipelines. It is the easiest method that is followed in such situations especially for toilet clogs which is pretty normal because either by accident or not, the unwanted objects end up in the toilet drain.

Clogged Sink Toronto:

Clogged sink is such headache causing problem that can either resolve by home remedies or it would not, depending upon the type of object stuck in the pipeline. The DIY plumbing solution tutorials share the techniques of unclogging a sink, but it is not applicable in every case. Make sure to call for our company plumbers before the matter gets out of hand. Objects like: hair, eggshells, and beans are the reason behind sink clogging. Our plumbers can unclog your sink within matter of few minutes by using: plungers, snaking method, and pressure-flow. The noise of water flowing through the pipe will indicate the unclogging.

Clogged Shower Toronto:

Shower clogs are mostly unheard of if taken proper care within the vicinity. There are some reasons that cause clogging in shower like: hair, dirt, minerals, soap, and tree roots. Shower clogging can be unclogged with simple solution by using a plunger, hook and strong chemicals. If it is not working, then call for our plumbing service company right away. Toilet jack is most used technique to unclog the drain in shower, the shower head can be cleaned by removing the head and cleaning the clogged dirt. Tree roots can be removed by digging out the pipelines from ground and replace it with new ones to compensate for the damage done previously.

Basement Drain Repairs Toronto:

Basements are more prone to damage due to water seepage as it is the lower level in a building or household. It is best to waterproof the walls of basement before confirming for a property, as the old buildings do not have the facilitation of waterproofing especially in basements. The basement drains are designed in such a way that the concrete floor surrounding it allows easy flow of water into it. Small objects, grains or dirt may damage the draining system of basement which can be resolved by using the inspection camera to assess the area of repair and flushing water with pressure through it to remove the clogging and testing for leaky areas as well.